About Us

Oh Heyyy!!

We are Jade Douse and Symone Mills and we run Oh Hey Girl :)

ohheygirl. is a womenswear brand which aims to shake up the fashion industry by offering East Asian inspired street style for the empowered aspirational women. Oh Hey Girl champions oversized and asymmetric looks and is a mash up of all things cool with a sprinkle of runway, The brand resonates most with those who have a soft-spot for urban culture and think mainstream is boring!

Oh Hey Girl’s confidence in pushing creative boundaries is firmly routed in its strong aesthetic and desire to kill stereotypes and promote uniqueness reflected by its two young founders Jade Douse and Symone Mills.

Jade & Symone first met in college over 10 years ago and have been good friends ever since. Whilst working in the creative industries, Jade, initially started selling East Asian style clothing on Depop.

After seeing a huge hype around its unique style and the growth of her budding side hustle, Jade brought the idea to Symone with the hope of developing the brand and building the business.

Symone, having come from a business background, immediately saw potential in the brand and so together they nurtured Oh Hey Girl from nothing to what it is today with no investment and no aid.

ohheygirl. is proud to be a brand that supports, highlights and empowers women from all different cultures and backgrounds. The brand wants to highlight progress from a diverse cross-section of women in business, creative industries and social and humanitarian issues.


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