Anne Marie Hoang ' Juggling motherhood and a fashion career'

Meet Anne Marie Hoang

The badass inspirational mother of two killing it in the fashion industry  #OHGInspired

Please tell us a little about your back ground, where you grew up, what your family life was like and where you have lived

“My parents were first generation immigrants from Vietnam in 1975 During the war. I grew up with my brother watching the Simpsons , WWF and listening to boys to men. My dad had polio in one of his arms but was extremely talented in Tennis; and taught me how to play at a young age. I was definitely a tomboy until I got into elementary. It all changed when my mom let me pick out what I wanted to wear. She gave me an allowance every year before school started and wouldn’t regulate on what I wanted. This was the start of the exploration of my personal style. Op, Hurley >> Cortez, retros >> Fat Albert, baby phat >> laker jerseys >> American apparel >> goyard (my uncle Hau taught me everything about high end culture. After high school I was really into vintage. Retro vintage to streetwear to avant garde. By my 2nd year in college by closet was STACKED with gems. 

Little did I know my mom was a goddamn MILF that either had a different hairstyle or was wearing custom suits and fur. My dad was a STUD. He was always wearing YSL hanging with the dude from little house on the prairie..

Micheal Landon. 

Listennnn...they still laugh at what I wear sometimes, but I know they know wassssupp”

What do you love about ohheygirl – the product and the brand?

“I love that ohheygirl brings Korean style to the states whilst mixing in US street culture. I think Korea style is the future of fashion and I’m grateful that OHG has figured out what works for us here!” 

What are your favourite styles of ours?

“I love the zebra pants because they are such a statement and they are hella comfy.” 

Your style is pretty unique, how would you describe how you express yourself and what are your influences?

“I’m all about accessories and small details. I wake up as a blank canvas and end up wanting to wear everything at once. I usually start with one article of clothing or accessory to work around and I start building from there. Colours, patterns, shapes, then accessories; from head to ankle to toe. Solange and MIA are my ultimate influences. I love that Solange will support a student from parsons or local designers. She has an eye for up and coming talent. MIA is the queen of mixing patterns and colours without trying too hard or looking uncomfortable. My accessories inspo would be my best friend Rhianna Cooper who has a line called Vida Kush. She fills in a space that I’ve missed. Whether it be on my face or my body. Thanks to her I have a constant rotation of 5 necklaces per day. I love collaborating with her to make custom pieces for each outfit.”

What has been your career history, have you always been working in fashion? What was the dream?

“Funny you should ask about my career history. Like I said before, my Uncle Hau had a huge influence in my style and knowledge of brands. You would think the man would be in fashion, but he is a hairs salon business owner—now art collector. In high school I was working at the salon with my uncle. I was in very deep, working in Beverly Hills and having steady clients. Something inside me didn’t feel like Hair was the end. I always got in trouble for the way I dressed at my uncles salon and others that I worked at. It was starting to become a problem and I didn’t want to compromise anymore. Hair colour was easy for me, but it wasn’t fulfilling. 

I’ve always loved and appreciated personal style. So I risked my career for something that was a light weight hobby. I worked with Aban Sonia who didn’t question my ability to style. The confidence she gave me propelled me into styling with Play boy my first year of trying to style. I would simultaneously upload my outfits as a daily dairy to look back and laugh at, but that soon turned into my platform to reach emerging designers, record labels, actors, other creatives etc. Instagram was the gateway to making my dreams come true. It was an incredible time, and I’m grateful for it.” 

When did you find your passion for creativity and individuality?

“I’ve always had a passion for creativity and individuality. I’ve expressed it all my life through different mediums.”

what are your core values in life 

“My core values are pretty simple. Be kind and have fun” 

What does a normal day look like for you balancing two young children and your role as a stylist?

“A normal day for me; is being woken up by Jupiter either jumping on the bed, Guys morning wood, or Apollo’s smile— this happens anywhere from 7:30-9am.

Mind you—Jupiter’s “school” generally starts around 9, but she’s 2 so fuck it; we’re never on time. I’m sure as hell not gonna wake her up if she decides to sleep in. Guy is the breakfast chef, and makes his famous cheesy eggies and oat-me-me (oatmeal). Apollo is at the age where he’s super easy and is OBSESSED with me. He just needs a lil boob and some over expressive cheers to get his little feet kickin. Guy takes Jupiter to school in his VROOM VROOM as she likes to call it, and I’m off to the showrooms with Apollo. I strap him in the baby carrier where he can see and smile at anyone that looks at him. I usually break up my showroom visits to one or two visits a day so Apollo isn’t in the car the entire day. After my pulls I’ll either head to my friends pho restaurant (Pho Saigon Pearl) which is a chill place for me to write emails and hop on calls while still holding the bae, or I’ll head home and play with him there. I’ll usually pick juju bae up from school around 4:30 and either make dinner or have a date night with her and the fam. After dinner we run a bath filled with bath bombs and bubbles. The night always tops off with Jupiter refusing to go to bed, kicking, screaming, negotiating, and crying, but she always eventually fades. 

After the struggle, I’ll go through my pulls and start dialing looks. I always come prepared with pre planned looks before a fitting or shoot. It definitely makes fittings go by faster. I’m still learning everyday at trying to hack the system, but I’m lucky to have a great partner in crime. Thanks Guy—-yous a real one. “

How do you keep your passion for creating when you could be pretty tied up?

“I keep my passion for constantly creating because I love my fucking job! I mean—I get to shop all day with other people’s loot. I think it’s really important to always stay creative, because that’s who I am before I had kids. As a kid I never knew what my folks did. I mean—I did to a certain extent, but I never REALLLLLY knew. I want my kids to see how happy I am when people come over for fittings or when I’m out doing pulls. I want them to look up to me as a person loving what they do for a living and hopefully inspire and support them in whatever they want to do—except stripping (no offense) but that’s a hard NO. I try not to get tied up with work and sometimes I say no because my family is EVERYTHING and I don’t want to miss out on their lives. I also don’t like to be stressed out so I don’t take jobs that require me to work everyday unless it’s an occasional tour.”

Both Jupiter and Appollo have an Instagram account, how are you going to establish the boundaries of social media in their lives as they grow up?

“Both Jupiter and Apollo have an Instagram account the same way I intended to have my account—to have a visual diary and highlights of their lives. When Jupiter first started walking I took her to a different play place everyday and saw her blossom into this fearless, charismatic, fun-loving child. I tried to take photos or film her when she wasn’t looking or just in the moment of thrashing. What I didn’t know was she knew what I was doing. She’s hella smart and started asking me to see the photo or video after I took them. That’s when I had to take a step back from filming and photography. I personally think that her knowing that she was being filmed took the innocence away from being a child and having careless fun. I never want her to ham it up because she feels like I’m filming her. It’s not authentic and I think it takes the purity away.”

What have been your biggest achievements whilst being a mother?

“My biggest achievement whilst being a mother has got to be the fact that my milk was solely responsible for fattening Jupiter for the first 6 months of life before she started eating solids. 

The woman’s body is soooo incredible and I’m sooo fortunate and lucky to provide her triple chins with the nourishment it needed to thrive. Breastfeeding isn’t the easiest experience and I’ve had many moments where I wanted to give up; especially during the teething times when she would chomp down on my tits, but I knew it was the most beneficial sacrifice I could make for her. My tits aren’t as magnificent as they once were before I had kids, but I’d do it 100% over again for the closeness and bond that we established during that time.”

Have you had any difficulties juggling a busy life style whilst being a mother?

“There are many difficulties juggling a busy lifestyle whilst being a mother; not only with kids, but between parents as well. The  postpartum blues is a real thing, and sometimes I didn’t know who I was turning into. At one point Guy even Googled postpartum rage—cuz that’s a thing!! I struggled with why I always had to stay home while Guy would be out at night—even if it was for business. I struggled with the idea that I couldn’t do anything alone or have any time to myself. This was the first year of having Jupiter—we didn’t have a nanny because I felt guilty that I was leaving my kid to do something for myself. I later learned that I couldn’t take care of my family if I didn’t take care of myself first. Once I started taking care of myself—something as little as going to spin class in the morning; it made me a happier and better mom and partner. It was so crucial to my relationship with Guy. Parenting is a constant struggle, but with struggle there are lessons that necessary in this game.”

What advice would you give to young mothers?

“I’m no expert in parenting, but one word of advice I would give to young Mother’s is that there is not right or wrong way to parent. When I first graduated to being a mother—I was reading so many books on parenting; dos and don’ts, but the truth is each kid is different and will respond to each situation differently. You will instinctually know what to do and when to do it. All you need is it support and love you kids. Give them your unconditional love always and try to look at life through their eyes. Life is so new and exciting to them that it can be a gift to you.”

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